What kind of cheeses can you find in Sainte Foy ?

In Sainte Foy, you find 3 typical cheeses of the ‘Haute Tarentaise’: Beaufort,  Tomme and  Persillé.

The “Persillé” of Sainte Foy, a unique cheese

This is a type of blue cheese which has a cylindrical form. It has a very rustic grey or ochre rind. (goat cheese)

Today, the “Persillé” is only made in two main places.

  • During summer in the Monal Village at Mrs Yvette Empereur’s .
  • And in the village of “la Gurraz” (15 minutes away from Sainte Foy heading towards Tignes/Val d’Isère) at Mrs Contoz’s.

In the Monal, this cheese is only made with goat’s milk, but in “la Gurraz” it’s made with goat’s milk and cow’s milk.

Where can buy cheese directly during summer ?

in “le Vallon du Clou” (2,620 metres above sea level), every morning and at the end of afternoon (Beaufort, Tomme…)
in the village of “le Monal” (1,874 metres) in the summer only: sale and making of “Persillé” (goats cheese).

…and other seasons (october to april) :

Buy direct from “Gaec du Clou” in the village of “Chavarnier” above Sainte Foy Tarentaise (Tomme, Beaufort, Persillé).

Gaec du Clou, Yvette and Jérôme Empereur
La Ferme des Balmes
Le Chavarnier, 73640 Sainte Foy Tarentaise
Phone: +33 (0)4 79 06 58 37

You can also find other producers around Sainte Foy:

  • Arpin Daniel
    Le miroir 73640 Sainte-Foy Tarentaise
    Sur réservation au : 06 16 82 54 35
  • Borrel Aimé


During your excursions and walks around Sainte Foy, find the main farms. Discover the know-how of cheese making and, by buying directly from the producer, you also take a part of the land away with you :

In Villaroger :

La Ferme du Planay
Every morning from 9am to 1pm: Traditional goat cheese production and direct sale to the farm.
Possibility of visiting the Plan de l’Aiguille pasture (after Solliet) in 2h30 walking from Planay de Villaroger (good walkers).

Tél. +33(0)6 63 24 57 13
Le Planay de Villaroger

In Val d’Isère :

“La Ferme de l’Adroit” Phone: +33 (0)4 79 06 13 02
Visit of the farm:

“La Fermette de Claudine” +33 (0)4 79 06 13 89 or +33 (0)6 07 21 46 60
Sale of local products, in particular the products of “La Ferme de l’Adroit”

In Tignes :

“La Ferme des Capucines”
Farm produce: Beaufort d’alpage, tomme fermière, raclette, yogurts, cheese, milk jam. Free tasting
Opening: Farm sale every day from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 5pm to 7.30pm. Open during the summer and winter seasons.
How to visit the farm: Visit the Beaufort manufacturing site in the summer, every Thursday from 9:30 am.
Pierre FAVRE 04 79 06 42 54

In Bourg Saint Maurice :

“Le Gaec des 5 Lacs”
Odile and Frédéric PICHOT
Tél 06 11 55 54 81 or 04 79 07 79 45
Le Villaret sur la Rosière 73700 Bourg St Maurice
Summer: Fort 2000 (Fort de la Platte), on the walk of the 5 Lakes above Bourg Saint Maurice

Sale of product within the Fort:
Open every morning, afternoon from 16:00 to 19:00, Sunday all day.
From June to November, the farming family lives in the fort.
Sale of ripened cheeses in the Fort and offers country meals with the products of the mountain pastures.

Le GAEC des Glaciers Phone: +33 4 79 89 76 54 (only in the summer)
The Juglaret family welcomes you to the City of the Glaciers in the Valley of the Chapieux,
Sale of cheeses (Beaufort, tommes, sérac, butter) and Visit of the Beaufort manufacturing room during the summer period.
In Bourg Saint Maurice: Direct sale to the Farm

– Le chalet du Cormet
Every day from 15/06 to 15/09 from 10h to 18h30:
“Apprendre la montagne”: exhibition, hands-on workshop FREE
Cheese and Souvenirs

Some details about the “Coopérative Laitière” of Bourg Saint Maurice

She brings together 62 producers of milk. It represents 6,000,000 litres of milk produced and made into dairy produce.
It is managed by the producers themselves in order to cope with daily problems and decide how to deal with them and they have 20 members of staff with a board of directors consisting of 15 people.
Its mission is to create awareness and to safeguard the heritage, mountains and tradition and the know-how of making Beaufort. In 1968, the AOC (Apellation d’Origine Contrôlée) has been awarded to this typical cheese of Tarentaise.
The Coopérative used to be situated in the centre of Bourg Saint Maurice, but with problems with regulations, it has been built again in the artisanal zone of Bourg Saint Maurice.
In 2002, the company extended its cheese making site. It added a maturing cellar for 20,000 extra rounds of cheese and a packaging workshop.

The cooperative in Bourg Saint Maurice organizes free, open visits with videos and information boards. All year long, from Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 11.30am
During the summer (from 1st July to 31st August) and from 20th December to 30th April: guided tours on Friday mornings from 9.30am to 10.30am. Group bookings available for groups of more than 10 people.

Postal address: 494 rue des Colombières, 73700 Bourg Saint Maurice.logo-HD1

+33 (0)4 79 07 08 28

The Coopérative of BSM has several sales outlets in the valley. The main one is situated in Bourg Saint Maurice in front of the Station SNCF. +33 (0)4 79 07 04 47

Open from Monday to Saturday: from 8.30 to 12 and from 2.30pm to 7.30pm.


What is a “fruitière”?

A “fruitière” groups milk producers together. They pool their produce and a group of cheese makers “les fruitiers” make the Beaufort cheese. In a “fruitière” organise the making, maturing and the selling of the cheese.

What’s the “Transhumance”?

It corresponds to the progression of the animals from their winter cowshed to their pasture mountain where they will be sent to pasture during summer which lasts 100 days.

The rest of time is split between the valley meadow and cowshed.

What’s a “Gaec”?

It’s a group of farmers who pool their production.

What’s a “Groupement Pastoral” (G.A.E.C.) ?

It’s a group of famers who pool their animals.

Different “labels” for the promotion of cheese

AOP (Appellation d’Origine Portégée): it safeguards the origin of traditional products.

IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée): awarding safeguarding the origin of product and the quality.

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