The Monal village

The Monal village

Le Monal The ancient farming hamlet of Le Monal is a listed site pursuant to the law of 2nd May 1930. It occupies a privileged position nestled in a bowl at the mouth of the Clou valley, surrounded by the larch forest, facing the massif of Mont Pourri and it’s glaciers. The site comprises 3 groups of chalets arranged around the St Clair chapel surrounded by 3 ponds and several mountain streams. Most of the buildings date from the 18th and 19th centuries and many still have milk stores.

These are small stone huts straddling a stream, which served as refrigerators allowing the milk to be kept fresh. Le Monal was gradually abandoned during the 20th century as people moved down out of the High Tarentaise to find work in the towns in the valley.

Its listed status has ensured that the restoration work has respected the local traditions in every way.

How to go to Le Monal ?

Way 1 – Départure Sainte Foy 1550 (resort) : Park at the maisonnettes’parking (P3) or on the large one (P1). From P3, follow forest track to Echaillon parking till around 1h15. Then continue around 45mn on the forest road, in direction of Echaillon hamlet and then le Monal.You can win time, driving to Echaillon parking (15mn), by the top of the resort (P6) following a forest road but take care of hole.

Way  2 – Parcours 2 From Chenal hamlet : Go and park in Chenal hamlet  (take the Val d’Isère road, turn on your left at « les Pigettes »). Walk on the main road till the 2nd lacet, let the main road and go right, direction to ‘‘La Combaz’’ hamlet and then le Monal. Around 1h.