Natural Ski

Unbeatable powder runs, skinning routes up to 3800m and private heliskiing have for years been a well-kept secret.
Today Sainte Foy is reinventing itself and making available new ways to enjoy this fabulous terrain.

Become a Natural Skier! Sainte Foy is creating a unique mountain experience by new ski teaching styles and enabling new and original experiences including surprising new areas to play around in. See you there!

As a taster of backcountry skiing, Sainte Foy is introducing several accessible new areas: 3 freeski zones, a number of black level unpisted but patrolled slopes and 3 routes for skinning with varied verticals of 150 – 350m

Over and above the marked runs, the huge offpiste area is accessible by chairlift. Mountain guides and ski instructors accompany skiers to help them develop their skills in safety and security while enjoying the fabulous virgin slopes on offer. Sainte Foy is justly renowned for its powder experiences

Thread your way through the trees, enjoy drop-offs, try out the new Fox run, test your skills on the bump slopes, enjoy the raised bends on the Toboggan and become a skicross champion!

Slice through the gates, try to beat your speed limit and test yourself against your mates! At Sainte Foy there is a free timed GS and downhill race every Tuesday – join in!

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At the edge of the piste, at the intersection of the slopes of Chapelle and Grand Solliet (above the departure of the chairlift Marquise), you will find the new and convivial area “Natur ‘Marmotte”, for children and families, included in the « Natural Ski / Become a Natural Skier » concept.

This sunny area must be approached without skis, during a break with the family or with the students of a course.
It allows both to have fun discovering the life of Marmots and also to awaken children to the protection of nature.
Enter the area where a picnic table is located at the edge of the trail, and where 4 educational panels are held on the theme of the Marmot and on the awareness of eco-responsible gestures.
A few meters away, the children discover the sleeping marmots in an old milk cellar (that symbolizes the burrow) and now hosts a wooden sculpture of 4 sleeping marmots inside, realized by local sculptor Nicolas Gombert.

The entry of the cellar is protected by a grid for safety reasons.
We count on you to ensure the cleanliness of the area !

A booklet will be offered to the children, to be collected at the Tourist Office (game and awareness to eco-gestures)

Next step : Natur ‘protect and the Missions Marmottes !… to be continued

Download the PDF Natur’ Marmotte game book




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NATUR’RENARD (blue slopes)
Discover the pleasure of learning to ski on natural non-packed slopes in the forest thanks to a fun slope which is designed in tune with the natural landscapes.
Between the trees and snow, you can ski whilst watching the foxes!
Download Natur’ Fox coloring

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