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Opening: from July 8 to August 30, 2024
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Natural Freedom

Reconnect with Nature

Speed. Efficiency. Performance. City life puts us under daily pressure. It’s time to take a break and get out into the nature, to experience complete freedom in the last pristine sites where silence reigns supreme.

Sainte Foy is set in the midst of an untouched natural environment, rich in flora and fauna. Here all routes lead to breathtaking scenery.

Classified village of Le Monal

The classified hamlet of Le Monal is the valley’s best-kept secret. From the top of the resort, ski down through virgin powder amid awe-inspiring landscapes. In both summer and winter, you can enjoy sublime views of Le Monal, the symbol of an eternal Savoie, set against the backdrop of the glaciers of Mont Pourri.

Le village classé du Monal - Photo Philippe Royer

Natural site of the Clou Valley

The breathtaking and majestic natural site of the Clou Valley offers some of the most remarkable landscapes and buildings in our natural and cultural mountain heritage. The Clou Valley was classified in 2013. This classification aims to protect exceptional sites which have been identified as national heritage. Pastoral activity is still carried out in the Clou valley, which boasts several lakes offering beautiful hikes
and day trips.

Le vallon du Clou

Protected Forests

Step into the silence and the magic of the forest. No less than 568 hectares of forest have been classified for environmental protection. The system created in 1922 to reduce the erosion of the mountain soils and limit natural hazards, aims to compensate for forest felling to create ski slopes by protecting twice the felled surface. Our free winter snowshoeing routes partly cross through these forests, as do many of our summer hiking trails setting out from the resort.

Summits at 3,000m

With more than 10 peaks reaching over 3,000 m, Sainte-Foy is a high-altitude resort. The mountains allow us to return to the essential values that we tend to forget in life…
Setting out in the morning along the forest trails, reaching the pure air of the mountain pastures, walking alongside tumultuous rivers to finally reach the realm of the chamois, where genepy flowers grow… Perhaps this is true happiness.

Rando La Sassière - Photo Julien GaidetAt the gateway to the Vanoise National Park

Sainte Foy is set in a haven of nature nestled on the edge of the Vanoise National Park. A vibrant environment offering diverse atmospheres and a rich heritage for you to explore and discover. Created in 1963, it was the first French National Park to be set up in France, and offers a privileged setting for raising awareness and understanding of the environment. It covers an immense territory in which everything is preserved: the fauna, flora and the mineral environment.
A world of infinite wonder!

Les Oeillasses

Endless experiences await you

It’s you who chooses the way your holiday adventure is going to unfold…so take your pick now from among our suggestions of outdoor “Experiences” : discover our Wild Ski weeks, set off along the unspoilt route to the classified village of Le Monal, treat yourself to a weekend at the end of the world, rediscover your energy potential with Tai Chi snowshoeing, tuck into a delicious Savoyard fondue in an alpine chalet, fall asleep in the midst of the mountains, hike under the stars, or camp out like trappers in an igloo…!
With Trapper Experience, Junior Academy, and Kids Nature Rider, your children can also enjoy a magical holiday experience in Sainte Foy!


Sherpa Adventure Gear, our trusted partner

Sherpa Adventure GearMiles apart, yet kindred spirits…
Sainte Foy has developed close links with the Sherpa Adventure Gear brand and its values, which are inspired by tradition and the highest summits of Nepal !