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Opening: from July 8 to August 30, 2024
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Natural Home

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The little village of Sainte Foy may be one of the mountains’ best kept secrets, but it isn’t cut off from the world.

The resort and its many villages give pride of place to the very best nature has to offer. Here in this exceptional setting, beautiful chalets abound. The architectural charter requires the facades of the chalets to be clad in local stone, with the magnificent stone pillars, larch wood cladding and lauze roof shingles that reflect the spirit of the mountains. It is in details like these that Sainte Foy sets its values for a true art of living. Here, you will feel like you have discovered a secret hideaway that everyone is keeping hush about.

Your Holiday Hideaway

Whether solo, as a couple or with a group, you are bound to fall in love with Sainte Foy. An authentic village with a friendly atmosphere, a pedestrian centre and a personalized welcome, Sainte Foy invites you to experience pure happiness.

Savour the cosy comfort of chalet life for a harmonious holiday with family or friends. Enjoy a spacious setting, the scent of wood, and a sunny balcony to admire the majestic peaks. And on the slopes, traditional chalets also await you with restaurant services for a well-deserved ski break!

Beautiful, authentic Chalets

“Here, stone is an omnipresent element of the architectural landscape… Alain Chaudan, was one of the first to set the tone, 30 years ago, when he built a chalet for rent at the foot of the slopes. Today, he still likes to work stone «the way it used to be done». The stones come from the local surroundings. He finds them in the forest or on the mountainside, and works them on site, skilfully selecting the large flat ones
for the corner stones, and 25 to 30 cm stones for the walls. The walls are then built in dry stone with a discreet joint at the back. Each stone is laid flat, in the direction of the vein. Often made of schist, the stones are reminiscent of the dark grey colour of the lauze roof shingles, creating an overall sense of harmony.” (Lorène Herrero – Cosy Mountain)

In Sainte Foy, you won’t find any cramped studio flats

Here, you can enjoy real comfort—the average apartment for rent ranges from 50m² to 100m² in size. Some are even more spacious, such as at the “Yellowstone”, an exceptional chalet perched on a rocky promontory. It’s proud owners, Jo and Rupert Clevely, bought it in 2005. At the time, the chalet was far from boasting the stylish look and extraordinary space that its international clientele can enjoy today. This ranch lodge with its unconventional decor offers all the elements of a dream holiday: a huge terrace overlooking the valley, a vast living room with an open fire, 6 spacious bedrooms, ideally designed for groups, and even a whole floor dedicated to wellness, with it’s own gym, jacuzzi, hamman, and sauna… Many other chalets have been based on this model, and can be rented with or without additional services.

Chalet Yellowstone à Sainte Foy Tarentaise