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Opening: from July 8 to August 30, 2024
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Natur’ Protect



The Natural Ski in Sainte Foy Tarentaise, is the promise of knowing how to ski “all terrain and all snow” focusing on pure sensations. For kids, it’s also about discovering values that have become indispensable : protecting our precious environment from when they very first learn to ski. The adventure trails, wich are part of the village tradition, are marked and secured.

This winter, take part in the Natur Protect Quizz, find the right answers and win a gift!



Secure and ungroomed track for a discovery of the natural mountain environment to make people aware of off-piste skiing :

  • Natur’shaper Paradise
  • Natur’Morion
  • Natur’Crystal


Natur'RenardSki between the fir trees on the Natur’Renard trail, (piste n°25), an ungroomed blue piste where kids can discover the joys of natural skiing and learn all about the lives of foxes.
Children can call the foxes with a series of bells before discovering one in a clearing, in the form of a wooden sculpture made by a local craftsman.

Raising awareness about water preservation with Natur’protect.
Natur' Protect logo



On the edge of the piste, at the intersection of the slopes of Chapelle and Grand Solliet (above the departure station for the Marquise chairlift), come and take a break in the fun “Natur’Marmotte” area, for families and children. You can visit this sunny area without skis to have fun learning all about marmots and raising children’s awareness about protecting the environment.

A short distance away, kids can discover sleeping marmots in an old milk cellar, symbolizing a burrow, which hosts a wooden sculpture of 4 sleeping marmots.
The entrance of the cellar is protected by a grid for safety reasons.
We count on you to leave the site clean!

Raising awareness about water preservation with Natur’protect.
Natur' Protect logo


The golden rules of off-piste skiing

-Always make sure you are accompanied by a mountain professional ( a guide or instructor ) to help you choose the safest routes
-Never go off-piste alone
-Find out about the snow conditions and the avalanche risk from the piste patrollers
-Inform the piste patrollers about the route you’re going to take and let them know how many of you there are Backcountry for teens!

Raising awareness about water preservation with Natur’protect.
Natur' Protect logo


The new, fun environmental trail on Plan Bois (1770m), which also farms part of the Natural Ski and Natur’Protect themes, takes you into the midst of the trees, on foot or with snowshoes, children  and adults can discover the secrets of this beautiful forest.





  • Protection of  habitat areas = Protection forests
  • Embankments or landscaped areas = Vegetation with hay seeds from natives species
  • Architecturale charter = homogeneity of housing on the territory with slate roofs, stone and wood facing
  • Natura 2000 area = 4 areas for 1707 ha
  • Communal forest certified P.E.F.C. since 2008
  • Vanoise National Park = 176 ha
  • Selective sorting applied throughout the municipal territory
  • Inter-station Shuttle during tourist seasons

artificial snow network



  • Water system for snow growing = dissociation of drinking water system
  • Water supply to the network = Issue of the Clou dam = EDF’s existing infrastructure
  • Artificial snow network installation = Technique of removal, transplanting the removed grass plates to cover the trenches = same grass, same species and no visual impact



  • Clearing of ski slopes = Compensatory forest plantation
  • Ski slopes maintenance = Impluvium, recovery of rainwater to feed the animals grazing on the ski slopes in summer
  • Cables of the 4 ski lifts = Bird protection with identification of cables by coloured rackets = Avifaune
  • Catex Network (explosives for avalanche triggering) = Protection of the birds with the identification of the cables by colored balls
  • Organic paint for track markings (ex géant or slalom skiclub)
  • Organic hydraulic oil + snow radar to limit the impact on the ground + awareness of eco-driving for snow groomers
  • Bamboo tracks milestones

New: Bird protectors on the Aiguille chairlift and on the new Arpettaz chairlift

These small orange rackets, fixed on the teleport multipair cable, have the following functions
to signal the presence of cable to birds that are particularly present in this area (Capercaillie and
bearded vultures, white partridge, …)
Based on a zoning defined by the GMO (the Mountain Galliform Observatory), the Sainte Foy Tarentaise ski lifts (S.F.T.L.D.) invest in 60 Birdmarks, installed every 5 metres approximately over a distance of 400 m.

Ski as a family and discover the mountain animals and their advice

Play about as a family on Sainte Foy’s natural terrain with its fun trails to develop your kids’ skills on all types of slope, and find out all about mountain animals and their advice for protecting the environment.

The Natural Ski in Sainte Foy Tarentaise, is the promise of knowing how to ski “all terrain and all snow” by privileging pure sensations. For the youngest, it also means integrating values that have now become essential: protecting our precious nature from the very beginning of their skiing. Play books and colouring books are offered to children by the Tourist Office.
This winter, take part in the Natur Protect Quizz, find the right answers and win a gift!


Nature skiing for our teens!

“Natural skiing” courses are offered in the Sainte Foy ski schools so your little thrill seekers can discover the mountain environment through a series of 3 challenges: learning to ski off-piste, training to use an avalanche transceiver, and listening to tips about mountain safety from a ski patroller and rescue officer. A programme suitable for children over 11. Sainte Foy’s ski area offers a multitude of gentle, ungroomed slopes, which are easily accessible from the edge of the pistes*

*If you want to ski off-piste you must know the area and be aware of weather and snow conditions. You must be fit, be a good skier and be familiar with the use of a probe, shovel and transceiver. You should also use the services of a qualified guide.

Ski nature ados


  • Eco-responsible at the office
  • Selective sorting
  • Print Management
  • Team carpool ASAP
  • Search for suppliers sensitive to their environmental impact (maintenance products, etc.)
  • 50%  Hybrid vehicle fleet



TOURIST COMMITMENTS – Socio-Professional


  • At the Restaurant 1580m « We source our ingredients from selected suppliers to minimize transport and maximize quality and freshness, all our meats and fish are French. Beer brewed on site, smoked on site. »
  • Le W «Organic waste: handed over to a private chicken farmer in Sainte Foy who was interested in our waste from selected products (e.g. pizza dough with organic spelled flour). Recycling of edible oils with Interco. Sorting of waste: glass, cardboard. Anti-waste logic: a doggy bag is systematically offered to customers to bring back unfinished dishes. Locavore products for half of our raw materials »
  • Les délices de Sainte-Foy « Use of local products and organic ingredients »


  • Résidence CGH Les Fermes de Sainte Foy « Firstly we have changed our welcome products that we have in our shower rooms and apartment bathrooms, we now use solid shower products and shampoos in order to avoid the use of small plastic tubes. In our kitchen welcome kit, we provide customers with small bottles of ecological cleaning products. Posters are present in our elevators and Kaba community bags are distributed to encourage our customers to sort waste. There are also displays to encourage saving water and energy, turning off the lights when leaving the apartment, not letting the water run, running the dishwasher preferably at night.»

Activity providers

  • Tanaka Camp « Sustainable mobility (discover the resort while respecting nature) »

sport shop

  • Zig Zags Sport Store « We use eco-friendly wax. Disinfectants for helmets and shoes are based on natural products. »
  • Intersport « Use of biodegradable, fluorine-free wax on part of the rental fleet »
  • Ski Republic « Sorting of waste, VSE tickets in recycled paper »


  • Une marmotte au soleil « Sale of local products »

ski school

  • ESF « Digital ski lesson reservation / we limit the printing of lesson cards. Printing on draft sheet. Purification of mailboxes at the end of each season. Use of recyclable cardboard cups. Change of low consumption light bulbs. Recycling of equipment (kindergarten equipment and slalom poles). Carpooling. Cleaning in front of the ESF every morning (cigarettes, papers etc) and on the slopes. Waste collection day in the resort and on the ski slopes organized by the ESF in collaboration with the Town Hall (Make your trace but leave no traces). »
  • Evolution 2 « Travel by electric vehicle, reduction of paper communication to promote digital communication, summer paper communication in recyclable paper, ecological wax favored »